1. This product’s material adopts good quality steel profile, H steel and steel flat bar. Joint technology adopts full welding and screw fix connection. Structure is firm and tight. It has the characteristic of space saving, labor saving, operation safety and huge storage capacity.
2. This product adopts PLC control. Operator can control the in and out of each single storage rack. It is very convenient for various type and different dimension glass/mirror storage. The movement of the glass rack is stable, smooth to eliminate the damage possibility of the glass while moving. The working efficiency is high.
3. One single rack takes up an area of 2 ㎡. Traditional "A" type storage rack takes up an area of 10 ㎡. It is better space-saving and easy for glass storage management.
4. The glass storage rack size can be customized according to customer’s requirements.

Technology Parameter

Mode No. No. of brackets Movement speed (m/min) Max. size of glass(mm) Steel thickness (mm) Thickness of glass per bracket (mm) Non-working dimension (mm) Total Power (kw) Total weight (kg)
FC3614 14 6.5 3660x2440 3 250 6919*5380 *3028 2.2 7000
FC3610 10 6.5 3660x2440 3 250 5359*5380 *3028 2.2 5250
FC3612 12 6.5 3660x2440 3 250 6225*5380*3028 2.2 6300

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