Our Factory

FIRST GLASS MACHINERY CO. LTD has its own long-cooperation supplier for spare parts, and the storage of these spare parts and electrical parts is classified. To achieve high-efficiency machine production and complete after-service.


Founder of First

FIRST FOUNDER - MR LI YONG LIANG, was occupied in machine research and production for more than 30 years, he lead the FIRST team from 2007 till now devoted to manufacturing high-quality and efficient glass processing machines.“high-technique、high-origin、high-quality” FIRST people's working theory.
In the solid domestic glass machinery market, FIRST led by Li Yongliang gave full play to his exquisite technology and quality advantages, overcome one technical difficulty, the product quality continued to leap to a new level, and various types of glass machinery were excellent Improvement, until the current stage of technology maturity, now Falls is among the world's glass machinery industry leading standards, and the world's vision has also stayed in the Foster brand, our products are exported to the United Kingdom, Israel, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Brazil, India, Europe and America, Southeast Asian countries.


Our Customer

What Our Customer says about us

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Why Choose Us

15 Years of Experience

We are manufacturer and experts in glass processing factory planning. Whether you want to build a new high standard glass processing factory or upgrade an existing one, we will accompany you through all the planning phases – from defining your goals to developing the detailed concept. With us, you can plan your glass processing factory for the future without any doubt.

Planning of Your Glass Factory

We help you plan your plant with three incomparable advantages: maximum manufacturing capacity, strongest supporting capacity and largest consumer market, with the upgrading of production capacity, thereby reducing production costs, reducing energy consumption materials, improving product quality, and expanding production capacity.

Installation of Your Machines

When you encounter the situation that the machine will not be installed, we can provide online service or send professional after-sales engineers to solve all your questions. Our professional team will also help you quickly find the specified accessories when you encounter accessory problems to ensure your service experience. 


Our products have obtained CE certificates, which are in line with European industry product production standards. And we have also obtained national patent certificates and national safety production standardization certificates. All these can guarantee the quality and safety of our products.

    Guangdong FIRST Glass machinery Co.,Ltd. Established in 2007, has been specialized in researching, designing, manufacturing and serving the glass processing equipment for more than 15 years. We manufactured Intelligent Double Straight-Line Edger (Line), Intelligent Double Straight-Line pencil edger (Line), Bearing rolling structure Straight-Line Beveling/edging/mitering machine...