Warranty and Paper Service

1.What should I do if the bottom wheel motor leaks?

1. Check whether the waterproof rubber sleeve of the grinding head motor is rotten
2. Whether the water-retaining tape next to the bottom edge grinding head motor is well covered

2.Why is the chamfer uneven?

1. The chamfering motor vibrates
2. The grinding speed is too fast
3. The front and rear belts are unstable

3.Why does the machine alarm at the non-travel limit position?

1. Check whether the travel switch has a short circuit
2. Check whether the travel switch is blocked by mechanical obstacles

4.How to deal with motor overheating?

Check that the thermal relay of KM01-KM23 is overloaded below,1 or 2, and press the 3 key to return to normal. After checking, remove the fault and restart.

5.Auto mode doesn't work

1. Check whether T: Swing seat advancing and retreating mechanism and H: Rear rail lifting mechanism are rusted
2. After zero calibration, adjust the position of each grinding wheel to be correct

6.There are some small lines at the top of the bevel

Check whether the cooling water is too much glass powder, replace the cooling water and polish

7.If the straight edge machine is not tightly clamped, the glass is easy to fall

Loosen the screws on both sides of the bearing under the guide rail, turn the joint slightly clockwise, and adjust the middle distance between the front and rear pads

8.How to adjust the tension of the chain plate transmission part of the front and rear decks

A screw to adjust the tightness

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