FYJ-100A Drilling

FYJ-100A Drilling

FYJ-100A Drilling

FYJ-100A Drilling

Detailed introduction

1.The drilling principle adopts automatic drilling on both sides of the upper and lower sides, pneumatic plus buffer feeding, self-reclaiming, fast drilling speed, good aperture quality and simple operation.

2.The active motor adopts a high and low two-speed motor, and the three-stage pulley is adjusted to deal with different hole diameters.

3.Laser positioning or movable backing positioning device can be selected, which is suitable for mass production of glass of various sizes.

4.The machine is also equipped with a pneumatic lifting table for mass production of large size glass.

5.We also provide PLC with HMI screen for customer to choose configurate, make operate more digital display and visualization.

6.FYJ-300 model is Three spindles configuration drilling machine, it can install 3 types of drilling bits in one machine, highly improve processing, save time to change drilling bit when during work. It’s High-efficiency,Economical and Practical.

FYJ-100A Drilling

Model Glass thickness range (mm) Min glass size (mm) Max glass size (mm) Hole diameter (mm) Power (Kg) Machine dimension   (mm) Machine weight   (Kg)
FYJ-100 3-25 300*300 2200*2700 φ5~φ200 2.5 2200*2700*1700 600
FYJ-100A 3-25 300*300 2200*2700 φ5~φ200 2.5 2200*2700*1700 600
FYJ-300 3-40 300*300 2200*3000 φ5~φ110 6.8 2200*2200*1700 700

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