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1. This equipment bed adopts double straight guide rail、double ball screw gapless transmission. It can achieve both fast and slow、 open and close movement by encoder transfer. It uses rectangular steel tube welding and with heat treatment process to achieve the solid and stable bottom structure.
2. Machine body part is made of hot rolled steel sheet welding, and heat treatment process is also applied. The heavy and stable body structure can maximum eliminate the vibration of the machine itself. Considering the high stress of the machine itself, our company’s machine adopts double supporting design, ensures the stress is averagely applied to the machine, and reduces the dropping possibility of slider ball caused by the partial stress of straight guide rail.
3. The grinding motors are ABB motor. By many years of our double edger production experience, we use more reasonable distribution of grinding wheels, the efficiency of our double edging machine has increased a lot. Polishing part adopts manual and pneumatic adjusting device.
4. The press lifting section and press timing belt adopts high quality material. Press piece adopts special customized durable material. We use soft structure design for processing of different thickness glasses.
5. The machine transmission part adopts united worm and gear with inverting motor and encoder changing, stable transmission. The highest transmission speed can go up to 8meter/ minute. In order to reduce the stress of transmission guide rail beam, input and output timing belt is connected to the body part when install. Our company uses exchangeable structure PVC timing belt rail. For the design of gear case, our company mainly adopts radial and axial direction circular stick bearing, better supporting, less friction, easy assemble and disassemble, long lifetime. (Most of other suppliers are using radial direction deep groove ball bearing)
6. Water system adopts cycle water structure. Easy to use, better saving the resources. All the water tank and machine cover are made of high corrosion resistance stainless steel material except the water tank on the floor.
7. The transmission axis is facing bad conditions such as polishing water, power of glass waste every day. It is easily to get the transmission axis broken and the water leaking into the gear box. It causes a repeated maintenance and changing of the spare parts and brings too much inconvenience to daily production. Our company has more friendly design to make the transmission axis on top of timing belt while other supplier’s transmission axis is underneath the timing belt.

Technology Parameter

ModelNos. of spindleSfety connerFilm removingWorking speed (m/min)Min.processing glass size  (mm)Max.processing glass width  (mm)Glass thickness   (mm) Air pressure      (Mpa)Total power  (Kw)Machine dimension   (mm)Total weight       (Kg)


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