The integrated cutting machine occupies a small area, which can save space costs. The machine function configuration can be customized according to customer requirements. It realizes an intelligent processing system with multiple functions of a machine. It is the best choice for small-area factories.


Equipment composition:

Equipment frame system
Equipment transmission system
Vacuum adsorption system
Mechanical flip system
Electrical control system
Computer cutting system

Function description:

The equipment has the functions of automatic loading and computer cutting. The specific steps are as follows:
The lifting arm is raised, and the worktable moves to the direction of the glass frame by remote control;
The suction cup of the lifting arm touches the glass, and the device automatically aligns to realize the intelligent film finding function;
When the negative pressure is turned on, the glass realizes the sheet rubbing function through the four-bar linkage mechanism of the forearm;
The worktable moves back after rubbing;
The flip arm flips, and the glass is flipped to a horizontal state;
The negative pressure stops and the compressed air is blown in;
The forearm is retracted and the glass is safely placed on the workbench;
Open the air bearing table and push the glass to the designated position;
Start the jack up cylinder button, and the walking wheel and universal wheel are separated from the ground;
Start the computer cutting button, the cutting head completes the cutting of the whole piece of glass;
When the cutting is completed, turn on the air flotation button, manually break the piece and drop the frame, and the whole cutting is completed.


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